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Solo Offer

1h30 Private access, Sauna, Jacuzzi, Fish pedicure
1 hot drink or Kombucha


30 min access to Jacuzzi or Sauna 20€/person

Duo offer

1h30 Private access, Sauna, Jacuzzi, Fish pedicure1 hot drink or Kombucha80€/per two people 


30 min access to the Jacuzzi or Sauna 30€/person


Foot Reflexology 60 min.....60€

Holistic massage 70 min 70€.

Foot reflexology is a 5000 years old method, originating from China. It is a source of well-being, reduces stress, insomnia, migraines, muscular or articular pains, deep relaxation, muscular and mental relaxation.Reflexology is one of the wellness techniques that maintains good health, contributes to relaxation and provides a general well-being. Thanks to its 7200 nerve endings, the foot occupies the most important space in the cortex compared to other parts of the body. This method applied according to a precise sequence allows to strengthen the weak points of the body and to release the surplus of energy. It is a safe practice, which allows to act in a preventive way, and to provide a very effective help for young and old.

Holistic Massage:
The holistic vision takes into consideration the subject as a whole, respecting and promoting the harmonious relationship of all its parts. The holistic massage is therefore a relaxing treatment performed on the whole body where the use of particular essential oils is essential to achieve a complete feeling of mind-body health. The technique applied is delicate but works in depth stimulating emotional and muscular relaxation and energetic rebalancing.